5 Reasons To Choose A Fitness Center With Childcare Offerings

If you're looking to get more active and want to join a gym or fitness center, you may be worried about finding a babysitter for your baby or child. It's often very hard for parents to work out when they have young kids! You don't need to put off your fitness goals. You can instead join a fitness center that also has childcare offerings. This makes things so simple for you! Read More 

Want to Take Your Yoga to New Heights? Try Wall Yoga

If you enjoy practicing yoga but are always looking for a new challenge, wall yoga might be the answer. This type of yoga is available at many studios and provides an opportunity to put your body into some unique positions — and, in many cases, share a few laughs with those in your class as you experience the challenges of this practice. Wall yoga is held in a room with reinforced wooden walls covered in brackets that hold a series of straps that will support your limbs and torso, as directed by the instructor. Read More