Full-Body Exercises That Can Improve Your Hand-Eye Coordination

People choose various forms of exercise for many reasons. You might like the idea of keeping active to lose weight, for example, or you might find that you're able to sleep more soundly at night after you've worked out during the day. If you feel that you want to boost your hand-eye coordination, there are several exercises that you can choose — including many that work the entire body. Here are three full-body exercises that you can enjoy while also improving your hand-eye coordination.


Tennis is a valuable full-body exercise that can help you to develop your hand-eye coordination. This skill is vital in this sport, given that you need to line up your racket with the approaching ball, all within a short amount of time. If you've noticed that your hand-eye coordination isn't very strong, you might initially struggle to make clean contact with the ball. Try not to get discouraged; the more that you practice, the sharper your skills will be. At the same time, you'll get the benefit of moving your entire body, which will help you to burn calories at a high rate. Other racket sports, including badminton and squash, are also useful for building your hand-eye coordination.


Golf is another exercise that works your entire body and that will sharpen your hand-eye coordination. As you improve this skill, you may notice that your golf game improves, too. For example, poor coordination can result in you making bad contact with the ball — perhaps with the side of the clubface, rather than the middle of it. As you continue to practice, your coordination will sharpen — which will ideally result in better contact and straighter shots. To maximize the full-body exercise value of this sport, be sure to walk the course rather than ride in a power cart while you play.


If you're looking for an activity that you can enjoy with several fitness-minded friends — and still work on improving your hand-eye coordination — volleyball might interest you. This sport involves plenty of movement for the entire body. You'll constantly be stepping and running in all directions, as well as jumping and diving throughout the game. In terms of hand-eye coordination, you'll not only work on moving your arms and hands in a manner that will allow you to make proper contact with the ball, but you'll also learn how to control the speed at which you hit the ball so that it lands where you want it.

If you're looking for great full body exercises, you're in luck. There are tons of sports and gyms out there that can help you get a great workout.