Childhood Trauma Should Not Haunt Your Adult Life

Childhood traumas occur more often than anyone wants to admit. Fortunately, young brains are resilient, and many times, the effects of the trauma don't break the skin until long after the victim has reached adulthood. Then, the walls fall and you feel like you've been hit by an emotional train and are left to clean up the wreckage years later. If you are suffering from a trauma, be it physical or emotional, there are things that will help you become a strong survivor and take back your life. Here, you'll find a short list of things that can help you move past your history into a brighter future.

Try Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

Don't knock it till you try it! Trauma-sensitive yoga was developed to help those struggling to find peace following a trauma. Mind and body are brought together in a peaceful environment where you can feel at ease. The lighting, the movements, the sounds—they're all carefully selected to create an environment in which you can feel free, calm, and relaxed. There, you'll learn how to manage your inner self and make your outer self feel much better.

Not only can the class be beneficial, but just getting out of the house, somewhere other than work, can do a great deal of good for how you are feeling. If you sit around the house all day, you'll just sit there and run the event through your head over and over again—getting away can help to distract you from the self-destructive thinking that you'd do at home.

Find a Support Group

Support groups are out there; you just have to look. You can find virtual support groups in which you'll only communicate over the internet, or you can find real-life support groups where you can meet people that are local to you that can share in your pain—they know and understand what you're going through.

These support groups make it possible for victims to feel whole. Knowing and seeing that there are so many other people out there going through the same thing as you at this moment can give you the strength that you need to push on. You'll find people to lean on that need someone to lean on, and it ends up being a good experience for everyone.

Things will get easier, but getting over the hump to greener pastures can take time. Work with a therapist, try the yoga, and attend a support group. This will get you started on a path to a brighter future.