Stem Cell Therapy, Blood Cell Counts, Exercise, And You: Making It Work Together

Stem cell therapy using adult stem cells is a relatively new treatment, one which is allowed as experimental medicine under the law. However, as more and more adults receive these stem cell treatments, they are discovering some very important details regarding stem cell transplants, blood cell counts and exercise. If you have recently received a stem cell transplant via a blood or bone marrow transfusion, the following may prove vital information to you.

Making Your New Blood Cells Work for You

Stem cells for adults are meant to help boost the immune system, fight against blood and bone diseases, and increase healthy cell production. However, your new stem cells will not be ready to energize you right out of the gate. You will not feel like Popeye after a can of spinach. On the contrary, your body will be adjusting to these new cells and working with them to build all of the new cells you need. Exercise is often encouraged, but you should take it slow until your body is ready for more strenuous workouts. For some, that could be a few weeks. For others, it could be a few months, especially if there are any unforeseen complications with the stem cells and rejection or side effects.

For now, you can get those new cells to work for you by following your doctor's orders. That means having your red and white blood cell counts checked every few days. Too few red cells equals anemia, which means your body has not fully adjusted yet. Too many red cells and the stem cells may be overproducing and you will need to tone therapy and physical therapy down a bit. Too many white cells, and there is an infection present, or your body is resisting the stem cells. For now, keep exercise light, like a walk through the neighborhood park.

Increase Your Exercise and/or Physical Therapy as Your Doctor Allows

As with any surgical procedure, wait on your doctor for the green light. When you are feeling really good, and really want to get back into an exercise routine, you should still wait for your doctor to say it is okay. Even when the stem cell therapy is doing exactly what you need it to do, you could still have relapses if your body has been worked too hard. Continue to have your blood cell counts checked until your doctor says you do not have to, and always follow your doctor's recommendations about exercise.

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