No In-House Gym? No Problem: Working Out While Working From Home

Working at home can be a great way to solve some of the problems that come from having to divide your attention between work and home – you can help take care of children, save on transportation cost, and can be ready to go in an instant in case of a health emergency. However, many people who work from home find it hard to squeeze in time for a fitness routine – after all, the Club 7 Fitness gym isn't on the way to work any more – and find that they're carrying around an extra few pounds or so ever since they made that switch. It doesn't have to be that way, though – so if you're looking for a way to stay fit while staying at home, then here's what you need to know.

Embrace the Treadmill Desk

It functions like an actual desk while still helping you to stay active and on your feet – it's the treadmill desk. These little beauties look basically like a regular treadmill but, instead of a display of your heart rate and walking speed on an angled display at the top, there's a wide, flat surface where you can put memos, your laptop, a notepad and pens, your coffee cup, and other things that are necessities when you work from home. Though you may find it hard to walk and work at the beginning, it will soon become second nature and make you a much more active person without cutting into work time.

Pedal, Pedal, Pedal

If you don't have the funds or space to revamp and replace your whole desk area, then this is the solution for you – try a pedal attachment. This tiny fitness pal is basically a set of foot pedals (like the ones you'd find on an exercise bike) that can sit in the foot space underneath your desk; you can choose your resistance setting (usually through a small digital monitor or through a switch system) and pedal while you work without really disturbing your desk. This is a great way to do light, near-continuous exercise without having to stop and get on an actual exercise machine, and this piece of equipment can usually be found for under $100.

Use Hands-Off Time

If you have to read a hundred-page memo, listen to a Skype presentation, or wait in an online queue, take advantage of that hands-off time and spend it doing some exercise. Whether it's step aerobics, strength exercises, or even yoga, so long as you're getting work done at the same time, don't feel bad about taking the time you need to exercise. Not only does exercise help trim off those five extra work-from-home pounds, but it can also reenergize your body and your brain, helping you to stay sharper for longer when you need to buckle down and work.