Mention These Common Fitness Myths To Evaluate Your Personal Trainer

Regardless of the specific nature of your fitness goals, a personal trainer at your local gym can help you achieve them. Partnered with this knowledgeable fitness professional, you'll be able to lose weight, add some muscle mass, or accomplish any other specific fitness goal — with plenty of encouragement along the way. It's important to make sure that you work with the right personal trainer. You want someone who not only suits your personality style, but who is also extremely knowledgeable and honest about your process. It can be helpful to talk to a few trainers to evaluate them, and one way to do so is to ask about common fitness myths. If you hear the right answers, you can move forward with hiring the trainer.

Spot Reduction

Many people mistakenly think that they can burn fat in a specific part of their body, but this is a myth called "spot reduction." You can evaluate a personal trainer by meeting with him or her and saying, for example, that you want to be taught some exercises that will target your belly fat. You want a trainer to tell you that it's impossible to target this fat, but that a regimen of aerobic exercise and strength training, paired with a healthy diet, can help you burn fat in many parts of your body, including around your midsection.

Heavy Sweating

While it's true that you'll often sweat more as you work harder, sweat isn't related to fat loss. Evaluate a personal trainer by suggesting that you want to find a workout that causes you to sweat heavily to quickly lose weight. Ideally, the trainer will tell you that sweating reduces your water weight, but this isn't the type of weight loss you're going for. Your trainer should tell you that he or she can put together a workout regimen that allows you to burn calories for weight loss in a healthy manner, rather than using an unhealthy shortcut such as wearing a sauna suit to sweat more.

"Feel The Burn"

If you tell a personal trainer that you want him or her to put together a physically demanding exercise regimen that makes you feel pain when you're working out, you'll hopefully hear that this isn't necessary for weight loss. Some people mistakenly believe that they need to "feel the burn" while working out, but working too hard can put you at a risk of getting injured. Instead, the personal trainer should gently correct this assumption and then explain how steady and varied exercises will get you the results you desire.

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